About us
Automatic is first of its kind platform, built by, and for, the independent dealership. After being involved in used auto finance for 20+ years, our CEO Eric Burney created a platform that brings the used independent an open marketplace of available financing options instantly after a dealer pushes a credit application. Dealers on Automatic can also contract their backend product directly in Automatic, so there is no need for re-entry on other platforms to finish your deal. We pride ourselves on our low costs to all parties involved, as a dealer, a lender, provider, Automatic is built to last and built to grow.
Meet The Team
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Eric Burney
CEO, Co-Founder
18+ yrs. Auto Lending & Broker
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Max Kane
CFO, Co-Founder
20+ yrs. MBS Market
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John Liu
CSO, Co-Founder
19+ yrs. Strategy & Fintech
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Robert Fiondella
Director of Investor Relations
8+ yrs. Institutional Fundraising
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Alex Egan
Marketing + Product Advisor
10+ yrs. Marketplace Tech