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Automatic offers a wide range of products to consumers both inside and outside of the actual platform. We are always looking to expand our offerings and make new partnerships with companies offering consumer-facing auto products.


By connecting to multiple marketplaces, we are able to give our users access to all sorts of backend and ancillary products-including, but not limited to, VSC and GAP products.

Protecting your vehicle and you from mechanical failure expenses, starting today! Replacing failed parts like your transmission and engine isn’t cheap, but for the cost of your monthly subscription, you can make sure you don’t get stuck paying the repair bill. VzzBee is there for you when your traditional insurance isn’t.


Our partnerships allow us to provide many different types of insurance to consumers and dealerships alike.

Polly makes the process of buying insurance for your new car faster, easier, and full of unexpected value, by embedding car insurance from trusted carriers into dealerships across the country.

GR is a platform that provides our customers the best rate from over 50 top carriers and counting for Auto, Home, Life, and even pets. They've helped thousands of people find the perfect insurance.


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