Automatic is proud to serve our dealerships in a variety of ways. We have partnered with finance companies, ancillary product providers, insurance providers and DMS partners. We have single-handedly changed the car buying process and have truly given the independent dealer a one-stop-shop experience. Ask how you can integrate your product or service today!


By connecting to several marketplaces and adminstrators directly, we've given you the ability to get your preferred VSC, GAP and other ancillary products in one place. Automatic enables you to bundle everything together with financing at point of sale.

Dealer Management Software (DMS)

In an effort to streamline your deal submission process as a dealership, we have created bridges to various DMS marketplaces. Now, with the click of a button, you can submit deals without ever leaving your DMS. Depending on which DMS you work with, you might also be able to recieve applications from your website directly into your automatic account.


Our software has also been integrated with multiple insurance marketplaces as well as directly with insurance companies. We strive to save time for both dealers and consumers by giving them access to car insurance directly in the platform.


Automatic continues to integrate with major players in the auto industry, who are able to create a secure and credible layer to the platform. This enables dealerships and lenders to trust that the information we provide is accurate and reputable.

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